Human beings – Infecting Nature?

As I sat watching Godzilla with my little ones, religiously following the Janta curfew, a scene caught my attention and my neural network sprung to action.


The character of Dr.Russel while justifying her action of freeing the monstrous titans who wreak havoc on earth said something which struck a chord in the current Coronavirus situation.


She says that it is imperative to unleash the titans on earth since we – the humans, are infecting earth ever since we became the dominant species. We have been polluting nature and damaging resources by war and other dastardly deeds only done by this superior species of homo sapiens. When the situation goes out of hand, nature turns to these titans (which in this movie are gargantuan monsters) who go about destroying this infection from nature. When things are restored to balance, life forms again like that after a forest fire or how land gets replenished after a volcanic eruption. Balance is restored and the circle of life is repeated.


Is this not what we refer to as ‘Pralaya’ in Hindu culture, and to the great flood, with life being protected aboard Noah’s Ark? It is a very profound thought documented in the beliefs of many religions. When we have been polluting and upsetting the balance of nature by hatred, pollution, avarice, unhealthy competition, destruction, inhumanity etc., nature to save itself, and the life it harbours in its bosom, steps in with such Titans (or rather in this case a microscopic virus) to restore balance. An apocalypse is inevitable then.


There is a destruction of hatred and solidarity sets in with all human beings joining hands to overcome this battle. This could herald a new beginning where borders are dissolved and love and care shines above all.


Staying confined to their homes, brings down pollution with many reports surfacing of cleaner and less polluted air in many cities. People caring for each other and helping out in times of distress awakens the real humanity in mankind.


May we learn our lessons well and save our species from destruction.

Are you with me?

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